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MBit Casino Review

MBit Casino is one of the more unique online Bitcoin casinos out there, simply because they changed the Bitcoin gambling game when they started offering live casino games for Bitcoin dealers. This was something that had not been done before, and while it has caught on in a big way since then, with a lot more online casinos having this option on offer, MBit Casino can rest easy in the knowledge that this all happened because of them; and it brought a lot more visitors to their site when they brought this new feature around too.

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7Bit Casino Review

7Bit Casino is one of the most respected names in the online casino industry that deals with Bitcoins. Although it hasn’t been around for as long as some of its contenders, the online casino already has a large, reliable following and has deemed itself to be trustworthy; particularly after they made it possible to make every single game on their site provably fair, a feat that hardly any other online casinos offer to their players. 

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BitStarz Casino Review

Founded back in 2014, BitStarz Casino is one of the best online Bitcoin casinos there is on the internet. After having a bit of a rebrand, the site suddenly boosted in popularity and saw more players than ever before visiting the site to try their hand at some Bitcoin gambling. With the technology powered by SoftSwiss gaming technology, the site works smoothly without any glitches, offering over 600 games of the highest quality.

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Biggest Bitcoin Wins

We all hear success stories of winners netting a huge casino jackpot here and there. But, we don’t often hear a lot about when people win Bitcoin jackpots. These are much more prevalent these days because Bitcoin casinos are becoming a lot more commonplace. So, it’s important to take a look at some of the biggest Bitcoin casino wins in history. This can help us get a better understanding of the appeal of Bitcoin casinos and generates more of an interest in them.

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Best deposit bonuses in bitcoin

The evolution of online gambling has been a fun and exciting one, and there are plenty more developments to come. If you are serious about maintaining your online casino membership, perhaps it’s time to look for something a little different. Most casinos are much of a muchness these days. But, you also have to be aware that Bitcoin is growing as a digital currency.

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How to Accept Bitcoin for your Business

If you have a business either online or in person, you will most likely want to accept as many payment methods as possible. After all, if you have a customer standing there willing to buy from you, but you don’t accept their payment method they’re going to go elsewhere. But many retailers, either because of a lack of knowledge or a fear of transaction safety opt out of allowing Bitcoin payments. We’re here to explain to you the pros and cons of using Bitcoin for your business, and giving you an idea on how to get started.

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Why Bitcoin is Becoming a Popular Currency Option

It would be fair to say that Bitcoin is the most popular online currency in the world, but what exactly caused its success? Well, firstly the currency is cheap to use. In everyday transactions online, most currency is subject to the charges of a bank or other financial institution to process it. But Bitcoin relies on peer-to-peer transfer, cutting out these institutions and making the whole process cheaper. In the UK and the rest of Europe, Bitcoin is exempt from VAT, making it an increasingly popular option.

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