MBit Casino Review

MBit Casino is one of the more unique online Bitcoin casinos out there, simply because they changed the Bitcoin gambling game when they started offering live casino games for Bitcoin dealers. This was something that had not been done before, and while it has caught on in a big way since then, with a lot more online casinos having this option on offer, MBit Casino can rest easy in the knowledge that this all happened because of them; and it brought a lot more visitors to their site when they brought this new feature around too.

Every single game that MBit Casino has on offer is done with a live dealer, broadcasted from various casinos around Europe. This is really advantageous for Bitcoin players. Playing in an online casino is digitally based enough as it is; throw into the mix that you’re using Bitcoins, an online currency, and you really are totally immersed in the online world. However, being able to play with live dealers, who are usually attractive young women, keeps players linked to the ‘real world’ and allows them to feel more like they’re involved in a real life casino experience.

The live casino is excellent, as more often than not the dealers will speak to you on a personal level, greeting you by name and asking how you are before you begin playing, etc., etc. If you’re a part of MBits VIP program, you may notice that the dealers are particularly friendly with you, because they have more of an incentive to make you carry on playing for as long as possible!

As the site deals in Bitcoins, this means that payments happen instantly. As long as you have your wallet set up correctly, all earnings that you make will be yours within minutes- the longest waiting time recorded is around 30 minutes, so really not too much time at all when you compare this to non-Bitcoin online casinos where players can be expected to wait for as many as seven days for their winnings to come through.

There are over 750 games to choose from on the site, and 300 of these are slot games. There’s an excellent live casino, a VIP program on offer to sign up for and you get your winnings instantly; we’d definitely put MBit Casino up there at the top when it comes to online Bitcoin casinos.