Quick ways to earn Bitcoin

Bitcoin is very expensive to buy outright, and if you’re trying to mine your own Bitcoin, well you could spend all day doing so! So how can you bag yourself plenty of Bitcoins in a short space of time?


Casinos are the most obvious option when it comes to trying to earn yourself some Bitcoins. You can enter a casino online and opt to change your winnings from real cash into Bitcoin, or you can use a Bitcoin only casino – the choice is yours! Either way, spend an hour or so playing some slot games or card games and watch as the Bitcoins come rolling in. As long as you’re feeling lucky, you’ll end up with a substantial amount of coins!



You might not be able to afford one Bitcoin outright (one Bitcoin currently averages at about £850!). However, you may be able to buy yourself a very, very small quantity of Bitcoins from someone else who is looking to transfer their Bitcoins into cash! If you find someone, you should be able to sort out a very good exchange deal between the pair of you, and you’ll end up with a nice little sum of Bitcoins.


Sell your services

Another great way to earn Bitcoins is to offer some digital services and accept payment only in Bitcoins. Can you do some graphic design? Social media management? Record some voice overs? Any kind of digital service that could be greatly desired by someone else is useful, and then all you have to do is make it clear that you only accept payment in Bitcoins.



Free faucets are very handy for throwing Bitcoins at you left, right and center! Usually, all you have to do is click on a few ads in website toolbars, or watch a few adverts and then you earn small amounts of Bitcoins for doing so! Do this enough, and the total of Bitcoins in your bank will all begin to add up!